Thursday, 31 May 2012

My current haircare routine

Hello there fellow internet beauties!!!!!

It's been so so so long and I have no excuses but I assure you I am back (if anyone is still reading this anyway which I hope there are!)

Well, today's issue is my hair. I have naturally medium thick hair which is quite curly. Whilst hairdressers love my hair, I used to hate it and hate is the operative word. Now it couldn't be further from the truth because I currently love being curly haired but it's quite a lot of upkeep which is bad if you're lazy with haircare, like me.

I have stumbled upon coconut oil though and its lush for curly hair. Pop it in the microwave for a bit till liquidy but not too hot and drench your hair in it, wrap and wait. I put it on overnight and then wash it off in the morning.

It leaves my hair glossy, shiny and so soft. Apparently, coconut oil is the only oil that can actually penetrate the hair shaft.

Also, I have switched to low sulphate shampoo and conditioners as they are best for dry hair as they are not too stripping and harsh as hair needs some of its natural oils for growth and moisture. Tresemme naturals are quite good and are currently 2 for £5 in sainsbury's for 900ml bottles which is quite cheap.

 If you're trying to grow your hair then don't wash you hair too often as it can be damaging to hair so treat your tresses with care!!!

Plus, I have invested in a tangle teeezer which despite being really good I'm not sure whether its worth £11 price tag given that I only brush my hair when its wet but I had read so many good reviews I couldn't resist.

I'll just leave you with my current nail polishes of choice, Essie's mint candy apple and Models Own Red Red wine. Just have to add that the formula of Essie is just awful which is a shame because the colour is so pretty!!

Lots of love,