Thursday, 3 November 2011

My most visited websites

Hiya sweeties, I have some good news. I have finally got a camera, yay!!! That means I can give this blog a bit more of a personal touch. I've been reading blogs regularly every night I come from uni as my little way to give myself a break and I've got the writing bug at the mo and have been itching to write, so my purchase couldn't come at a better time!! It's charging so expect a post tomorrow. For now I'm going to share with you my most visited websites, random but hey!

1. Youtube!!-it's this website that sparked my love for all things beauty with all those amazing beauty gurus out these. I love watching hauls and monthly favorites and just general day in the life videos cos I#'m nosy like that :)

2. Dailymail- for general inane celeb goss!

3. Topshop- Fawn over the amazing shoes they have and admire from afar due to the hefty price  tag

4. Uni (sometimes)- Given that I am a student doing my postgrad., i should probably include this one!

5. BBCGood Food- When I'm not reading about makeup and all things superficial, I'm looking for some baking inspiration. I'm not much of a cook but I do love making something nice and sweet as a treat.

that's just a few but i'll leave it at that, don't want a two page post!!

I hope people are still reading this blog because it would be nice to know that I'm not just talking to myself :)

Take care chickpeas,

Lots of love,

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