Sunday, 10 July 2011

I did the race for life!

Hey guys!! So not a really a beauty post but yesterday I completed the race for life 10k at Heaton Park with no training whatsoever and I certainly felt it. It was a fantastic day and it really hits you just how many people have been touched by cancer given the number of people there on the day. I ran most of it which I never thought I could do but it certainly helped having my family cheering me on from the sides. Reading blogs I see that many have you have done the race for life. Did you enjoy it? Lots of love.....

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Favorite youtube gurus

Hi chicks! Probably like the majority of the beauty blogging community, my love for all things beauty was spurned through amazing makeup beauty gurus on youtube and this post are just some of my favorites

1. Lollipop26- Laura is the first youtuber that I have ever watched after randomly scrolling through youtube one day and I am so glad that I did. Although she is no longer making videos, she is still blogging but I sincerely hope that she returns to making videos

2. Beautycrush- Samantha is adorable!!!Seems like such a genuine person with great style to boot and I love her primark hauls as she has such good taste

3. Pixiwoo- The pixiwoo sisters are immensely talented and is evident in the number of views they get and the success that they have enjoyed and they thoroughly deserve it.

4. Niasays- Another guru with great style and a lovely persona and her videos are just so relaxing and personal, seems like she's talking to you if that sounds weird lol

5. Gemsmaquillage- Coming from the North myself, I feel compelled to put down Gemma but her videos are just so good and she was also one of the first gurus I watched and make sure I never miss any of her videos

Of course there are so many more but these are just my personal favorites. How about your favorite gurus?xxx

Cheap hair treatment that really works!

My hair is naturally an unmanageable brute that refuses to be normal!I have naturally curly hair which always gets
compliments from hairdressers but is a nightmare to live with. In an attempt to tame it I decided to use olive oil before I shower and wrap it in cling film and it actually works! Just massage into hair, wrap, leave for at least 10 mins and wash as normal. Voila!Frizz free hair